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variety-of-colorful-vegetables-106968 ¬†And this isn’t just about sugar. Even though we now know that saturated fats aren’t as bad as we were told, most of my clients do realize that fried pork rinds are not a healthful option in a daily food plan. Some foods we should just avoid.

At a recent presentation, a man asked about a non-caloric butter replacement. He started using it to save calories, but the junky chemicals in it made it a poor substitute. A better choice would be coconut oil, raw almond butter, even butter – despite the calories.

Thinking about calories alone leads to eating without focus or mindful attention.

5. Cleaning the House Before Housekeeping Gets There

Fruit-Vegetables-Healthy-FoodThis is something my clients do frequently. I suppose they expect me to reprimand them for the “bad” stuff they’ve been eating. (That never happens!)

They cancel, then reschedule appointments for later on, so they can get themselves together to eat well for a week or so – and keep a food log that shows how well they’re doing.

I’ve also had clients cancel follow-up appointments. Follow-ups are arguably the most important appointments. They give us a chance to discuss what has been working and what hasn’t.

But the clients reschedule because they weren’t implementing the first appointment recommendations.

Yet the reasons they’re not implementing could reveal the pitfalls. Not the client’s pitfalls, but the moments that throw them off-track. Postponing till they’re sure they’ll get a gold star misses those valuable discovery points.

And occasionally, unfortunately, I never hear from them, even though they’ve already paid for the follow-up appointment and have serious health problems that I specialize in and have studied in depth.

A final issue might be “too many cooks.” A new client came in after meeting with her physical therapist. She presented a week’s worth of food logs, based on her PT’s recommendations. This woman needed to make several changes, but was reluctant to do so – because the PT had suggested something else.

Healthy-FoodsWhen it comes to your nutrition, you’re free to do whatever you choose. You can wing it. You can follow steps you’ve found on websites – there’s more nutrition stuff online now than ever before. You can combine many different plans and follow a Paleo diet 2 days a week, the Mediterranean Diet on 2 different days, a vegan diet for 2 days, and a pepperoni pizza and beer binge the last day. Whatever you want.

But you might be eating too much of some things and too little of others, missing vital nutrients. You might skip over key brain chemical info that could make your life easier if you knew it. You might find your appetite out of control and not know why. You might have intense cravings and not know why.

Food isn’t as casual as we sometimes treat it. Your nutritionist wishes you’d stop treating it as if it were.

I’m available to help with specific aspects of your health and wellbeing that are directly related to my specialties: diabetes, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, persistent low moods, mood swings, cravings, ADD, and more.